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Today 12th Rabi Ul Awal Is Being Celebrated In Pakistan

12 rabi ul awal street decorations in Lahore12th Rabi ul awal is being cerebrated in pakistan on 1st december 2017 with great spirit and joy. All the muslim in pakistan are full of happiness and doing prayers. Children are decorating the streets and houses with lightening and green flags. People are making food for poor people and doing Sadqa, offering the nawafil and special prayers. On the 12th Rabi ul awal there is public holiday in pakistan because this is one of the most important date in islmaic history and in any muslim country. Every person enjoys the moment. On this day Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH was born who is messenger of GOD to Human’s and done his job since fourteen hunderd year ago and his Teachings are still with us to guide. His teachings and deeds are leading us to choose best thing.

12th Rabi ul Awal Is Being Celebrated In Pakistan

On this day Muslims do get together and offers Special prayers, Arrainge Mehfil, Recite Quran e Pak and Read Naats and Darood e Pak. They Also cook food are the relatives, poors, neighbours. Although this is third Eid of muslim in islamic year. People post Beautiful Islamic Rabi ul awal dpz, facebook cover photos. Send rabi ul awal sms and text messeges to friends and family to wish them Rabi ul awwal. Rabi ul awal poetry sms, shayri and wallpapers are also very famous in this month because all people post something on social media to wish their loved ones. Although 12th rabi ul awal is a day of happiness and to spread the messege of Prophet MUHAMMAD SAW to world that islam is peaceful Religion.