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PTI (Imran Khan) Live Jalsa Coverage In Islamabad On 30November 2014

Live Jalsa Coverage 30 Nov 2014

Islamabad: Watch Live And Full Coverage of  Imran khan (PTI) Jalsa At D Chowk Islamabad InFront Of President House.. Watch live streaming Of Imran Khan Jalsa.

You can watch Imran khan Jalsa Speech On here At Our Site. PTI (Imran Khan) Live And Exclusive  jalsa Coverage From Islamabad On November 30, 2014.

Watch Online Imran Khan (Captan Khan) Live Jalsa Speech At

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Administration OF Jalsa Asure The Govt That They Will Satisfy Their Request About All The Conditions And Circumstances Which Will At Jalsa And On 30 November 2014.Nawaz Govt Also Got Threads From PTI That If Govt Do Not Fullfill Their Demands So Govt Will Be The Responsible For All The Situation Which Will Be Happen on 30 November 2014.

Imran Khan Also Said That Our dharna Is For A Sole Reason. And Now It is Become A FinalRound Against GOVT.

Our Website is Broadcasting Live From RED ZONE In Islamabad.


 Read About additional and lattest update of Newest Episode Of Imran Khan (PTI) Jalsa In Islamabad on 30th  November on Our Facebook Page.

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