Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Peshawar Bomb Blast Attack In Hayatabad Live Updates

live updates of peshawar bomb blast attack


Peshawar Attack: 3 people Killed & Roung About 20 Person Seriously Injured In a Blast On imambargah  In Peshawar Hayatabad. After Attack There Was Heavy Firing. Injured People Hospitlized To Near by Hospitals. Terroists Were In Security Uniform. First Some Of Them Blast Themselve After That SOme Of Them Start Firing On People & Them Blast Themselve.

Hayatabad Peshawar Attack Live Updates

Attack Was Tookplace In a Masjid Near Imam Bargah At The Time Of Friday Prayer. Cloud Of Smoke Spread Around. After That Police & Rescue Ambolances Arrived & Rescue The Injured People & Get Them To Nearest Hospital.

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