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Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmed pdf

Jannat Kay Pattay Novel Download pdf complete digest can be downloaded free of cost from funonline.pk. Jannat k Patty is social and romantic story novel having religious touch written by Nimrah ahmad. This novel got fame after it was published in Shuaa digest March 2012. Readers encourage nimra ahmad to write more digests and novels live jannat kay patty to download pdf free. Jannat kay pttay pdf download is available on funonline.pk. along with novel we also have captured some pictures of turkey sights. Janat key patey novel have many sense that lead the reader to the exact that place so we have posted those pictures so that you can feel the spirit and feelings of writer. Nimra ahmed is very good writer who is wrtting many novels for different digests. Often she writes for shuaa digest that is a monthly digest in Pakistan. Jannat kay pattay is one of the famous and best novel by nemrah ahmad because it lead reader to the depth of the story even if you start once then you will read it completely until you end the whole novel.

Jannat Kay Pattay Complete Novel By Nimrah Ahmad pdf

jannat kay pattay nimrah ahmed download pdf

In this novel there are characters but hero and heroine are most famous characters. People take these names as their new borns. Haya and Captein Jahan sikandar are the characters of the novel. Haya Salman whos is student of LLB Hons who was married in childhood with his cousin Jahan whose shifted to turkey. Jahan Sikandar is a ISI agent and protects haya from many dangerous gangsters. Although Jannat ky Pattay is very interesting and perfect novel. You should also download it once and read it. You can download Jannat Kay Pattay pdf it from our website funonline.pk by clicking on below link. Jannat kay Pattay download free pdf. Jannat Kay Pattay is a social/romantic/religious novel written By Nemrah Ahmed. It has started getting published in Shuaa Digest from March 2012.
Jannat Kay Pattay (جنت کے پتے) is a story of Courage, Reality, Struggle and Faith which makes Novel Reader Thrilled, Fascinated and Awed. The leading character Haya Salman, LLB Hons Student, a girl who initially has made an impression of a very Modern Girl, faced an amusing turning point in her life when she got a scholarship from a Turkish University and some body uploaded her personal video of a family function on Internet. As she belongs to a Conventional Family, she contacted an Cybercrime Division Officer Major Ahmed but she was astonished that he knows her very well. The author has beautifully blended Romance, Loyalty, Care, Hospitality, Suspense Thriller Treasure Hunting and Sacrifice along with Enmity, Wrath and Fear with a beautiful and memorable Message for her all readers, that we all make several faults in our life n remain unaware of them, but when Allah ta’la decides to make us to repent n learn of our deeds, HE assess us on the basis of taking the sacrifice of our most dear thing.
Nemrah Ahmed has emerged as a very popular writer in recent years and produced some Marvellous and Best Seller Novels. Her Novels and Short Stories Books are published by various publishers and some of them are Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu, Pahari Ka Qaidi, Mehrunnisa, Sans Sakin Thi, Beli Rajputan Ki Malika, Qaraqaram Ka Taj Mahel, Mus’haf, Namal.

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