Thursday , February 22 2018
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Imran Khan & Reham Khan Walima Pictures

PTI Imran Khan & Reham Khan walima pictures

Imran Khan Marriage & Walima Pictures

Imran Khan Now Confirm About His marriage and his marriage topic was in news nowadays. imran khan updated his marriage ceremony pictures on facebook. behalf of that pictures we can say that marriage ceremony was very simple. now we are posting here the imran khan’s walima pictures. walima event was very simple, there are no VIP guests instead of that there are deserving children. imran khan & his new married wife reham imran took their walima meal with those deserving children.

Statment of PTI official page is given below:

Happy little boys, happy little girls, the highest profile walima guest list in our opinion . Chairman Imran Khan and his wife have done well. They have also urged all friends and well wishers to channel wedding gifts as donations for SKMCH Peshawar.

Imran khan’s wedding walima event was too much simple there was any of traditional trend, imran khan & reham khan eat meal like common human with deserving little boys.

Imran Khan Marriage & Walima Video 1

Imran Khan Marriage & Walima Video 2

Imran Khan Marriage & Walima Video 3


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