Monday , February 26 2018
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If Plan “C” Fails Imran Khan Will Announce Plan “D”

Imran Khan’s Plan “C” And Plan “D”

Islamabad: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Says That If His Plan ‘C’ fails Then He Will  Declare Plan ‘D’

On Sunday Imran Khan Said In A Press Conference That He Will Announce A Plan For December In Today’s Rally.

Imran Khan's  Plan D


Imran khan Also Said that The Sunday is the Decesion Day For Him And For His Party.he Also Said That he Will Announce A New Plan Against Nawaz Govt.

Imran Khan is protesting against the govt  Due rigging in 2013 Election. Since August 2014 when he led a long march on Islamabad and Protest near the parliament house His campaign for vote recount has compounded