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Hum Tv Show Jago Pakistan Jago On 5 February 2015 On Dailymotion

Hum TV Show Jago Pakistan Jago 5 February 2015

Jago Pakistan Jago Hum Tv TV Show on 5 February 2015 Dailymotion. Watch online Hum Tv Program on Dailymotion,Jago Pakistan Jago Hum Tv Program start on 5:00 am in Pakistan Tuesday 5 February 2015 on this page.

Morning shows in Pakistan typically target the combined demographic of people getting ready for work and school, and stay-at-home adults (mostly women) and parents.
“JAGO PAKISTAN JAGO” promises a start of the new day with a warm chemistry and addictive energy.
A show , that will meld entertainment & information in a way that is aimed at making the viewers entertained, informed, hopeful, and empowered.

“JAGO PAKISTAN JAGO “ will focus on ideas that will enhance the lives of its viewers.
In the ‘early part’… It will feature motivational messages, self-help tips for women, interesting news briefs and out of the ordinary national & international information wrapped in pure entertainment style.
Later in the program, programming will shift to a discussion oriented format… with celebrity interviews, celebrity gossip, new reality based ideas, debatable hot issues and lots of entertainment along with audience interaction through interactive games/quizzes, emails, live calls and SMS.
The topics and guests will be from across all our ranges to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy… from beauty & lifestyle, to education and learning, to celebrity interviews and gossips like never before.
To reflect on the dominantly female demographic our show will also feature women specific segments to ensure homemaker oriented entertainment.
The program highlights will be such that will engage and grip the target audiences immediately

 Jago Pakistan Jago Program for all Pakistani Nation and it means that you begin your day and has the potential to form or break your day. Jago Pakistan Jago Program ensures its viewers a full of life begin for a cheerful day to follow. It’s meant to energize your day, inform you concerning what occurring round the world, listen and discuss your issues and allow you to meet with noted celebrities from Pakistan.jago pakistan jago on 5 february 2015

 Watch jago Pakistan Jago Hum Tv on Monday to Thursday at 9:00 AM.

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