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How To Remove Dark Circles In Just 1 Week

Get rid of dark circles under your eyes in just 1 week-funonline.pkFace is one that organ in human that reflects a man’s personality but some issues make the face of a human complicated. One of them issues is dark circles under of the eyes. Many people goes through the issue of dark circles that have many reasons to be happen like over ageing, anxiety or overthinking. Due to these ugly dark circles we alos look very bad and dull. The person having dark circles considered as a very dull person in his life so removal of dark circles under your eyes is very important. Do not let dark circles to be there for long time.

Herbal Treatment Of Dark Circles That You Can Try At Home

You should remove them with some medicine but if medicine take long time to act and person feels that medicine does not works. Herbal or natural treatment of under eyes dark circles is very effective and have no side effects. Today I’ll share a herbal treatment of dark circles that 100% works and give you a beautiful look and your personality will glove up in just 1 week and dark circles will not come back ever because this herbal medicine have permanent affects.

How to Remove Dark Circles in Only 1 Week Permanently

Under eye is very sensitive area so you have to be very carefull while using readymade medicine but This remedy that I am going to share with you is purely natural and contains all herbal ingredients and this is safe for every kind of skin but you have to be very carefull while adimission of this herbal to your under eye and do not let the herbal remedy to go into the your eye. You can to use this remedy for one week and you will get rid of dark circles permanently and for forever.

Ingredients that you need to prepare:

  1.  Potato
  2. Lemon


First, take a potato and peel it and then extract potato juice by Grating the potato(Potatoes are a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber and pantothenic acid. potato have skin lightening ingredients in it that give your skin a lightening results). Next you have to add 1 to 3 drops of the lemon juice in potato extract (lemon have Vitamin C in it that acts like bleaching and give you a shiny look and skind lightening effects). Shake the Juices very well and your homemade herbal medicine is ready to remove dark circle.

How to Use:

Apply the solution on Your under eyes area for 10-20 minutes with a cotton swab and you have to repeat all this solution for one week to remove dark circle from your under eye.

Note To Avoid Under Eye Dark Circles:

Take Healthy Diet In Form Of Fruits And Veggies.

Drink a lot of water.

Do not stress your eyes too much.

Rest Atleast 5 Minutes after every 1 hours use of computer, Tv or Mobile.

Sleep atleast 7 hours daily.

Try to take diet rich of iron and calcium.

Eat fresh fruit and vegitables in form of juice and salad.


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